Natasha’s Experience

This September I came to India Christian Ministries through one of its branch organizations Sarah’s Covenant Homes. Being apart of SCH has allowed me to put my skills to use to advance the organizations ability to grow virtually. Recently I have graduated with a degree in photography and media studies. After finishing this degree my goal was to be able to advance Non-profits and NGO’s in their ability to have a stronger virtual presence. Allowing them to gain more growth and funding by connecting with people all over the world.

Right now my main goal for SCH is a bigger audience. Allowing people around the world to see the heart of the organization and what it is doing here in India. At the moment I am working on promotional material for SCH to allow the virtual community the ability to be see /connected with the needs of the organization. This will allow for better communication on what the true needs are of the organization and what people can do to help. By building SCH’s social media it will allow for the people here to continue to have a presence online and build relationships with people all over the world. Being a part of this growth is what I have always dreamed by degree would allow me to do.