Water Wells

Water is vital to life.

ICM knows this and with God’s help they are adding every day to the number of water wells in Andhra Pradesh. Annaboinapally was a village without a water well. To go and retrieve water some of the people would walk to a near sandy area and would dig. They would dig and dig and dig, thus making a large hole in the sand. After a few minutes this hole will slowly start to fill with water. The villagers then start to fill up there cisterns with water to last them about a day. This is a long and very time consuming process, sometimes not even finding water. ICM is on the move to change this with water bore wells. A bore well is a large diameter drill that drills a large hole deep into the ground to a pocket of water. Then a well is inserted with a pipe running from the water to the top of the well. To collect water all one has to do is pump the handle and water starts flowing from the nozzle. It is a fantastic sight! ICM is doing their best to make these wells available to as many villages as possible. This cannot happen with the support of people and organizations.

If you feel called to give to help dig water wells then please click Get involved then click donate! Thanks so much.

– ICM Team